By Giving We Receive Part 1

Many years ago and soon after joining Glier’s Goetta, I took on the task of corporate gift giving.  This seems simple enough yet is was daunting at the time.  We are a small company.  Our smallness did not exclude us from the responsibility of giving back to the community that supports us.  The challenge was, how do you decide who to help and who to turn away simply based our tight financial resources and the magnatude of requests.

Soon into this project, I had an idea.  What if I could give something to just about everyone and try not to turn anyone away?  How can I give intelligently and responsibly?  I soon developed two ways to give, keep in mind we could not give financially.

The first way was to create the now legendary Glier’s Goetta Survival Kit door prize.  The kit consists of a Goetta t-shirt, 114 page Goetta Recipe Book, and a Goettafest Mug.  The kit does not contain our very popular goetta due to refrigeration concerns yet contains great mementos that serve to attract and remind about our products.  People just love to win the kit!

The second way to give was to donate our famous goetta.  This was a great option for those who were cooking to fundraise and or feeding the needy.

By offering the two choices, a Goetta Survival Kit door prize and goetta we have been able to participate in just about every request.  There is more.  By not turning any charitable request away we in return were able to help and yet receive.  How this happened is simple.  Suddenly our visibility heightened greatly as our products and kits were used at charitable functions that attract sizable audiences.  So by giving generously and spreading the gifts to so many organizations we receive some wonderful marketing attention.  Is our giving just based on marketing?  Of course not.  But it helps when both sides walk away knowing they are giving back, receiving back and doing good.

Mark Balasa

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