100,000 Goettafans Celebrate Glier’s Goettafest 2009

It has never been more important for brands to find unique and genuine ways to engage the faithful and attract the new than right now.  The annual Glier’s Goettafest is our way of meeting and greeting Goettafans from near and afar.  In fact, our president, Dan Glier and son David can be found among the crowds welcoming all who come during the weekend.

We started Goettafest in 2001 with a simple question.  What would happen if we set up our own festival dedicated to a single food…goetta?  Would anyone come?   Goettafest 2001 began as a humble, single day festival attracting about 5000 visitors.  This was all that was needed to encourage us to keep going and growing the event.

The mission and tag line for Goettafest has always been ”Total Celebration of All Things Goetta”  This mantra focused and set Glier’s Goettafest apart from other festivals.  Every aspect of what we do and offer at the event is related in some way to goetta.  For example, over 30 uniquely different goetta dishes are offered by the hand selected food vendors.  Papa Johns prepares the one and only Goetta Calzone which  is a top seller.  On the other hand we push the limits by offering fun items such as Goetta Sushi and Busken Bakery’s Goetta Fudge Brownie.

In addition to many goetta items, Goettafest involves the community.  The nuns from St. Walburg Monastary operate the Goetta Toss Game and the fish pond.  All monies collected for these games support the local Covington homeless shelter, Welcome House.  Goettafest donates space, prizes and money to Welcome House as our official GF Charity.  Just about every aspect of Goettafest is local including the bands, food vendors, charities, and of course Glier’s.

Constant and never ending improvement is our commitment for every Goettafest.  We take this so serious that we begin planning the next event just as soon as the current one ends.  It is not uncommon for us to have over 100 future improvements the very first week following Goettafest.  With improvement so dear to our hearts, we are always open to receiving ideas and suggestions.  Very grateful too! 

Speaking of improvement!  Look for the all new www.goettafest.com which is scheduled to launch in early spring 2010 and celebrates our tenth Goettafest anniversary.  This new site will showcase Goettafest in a way never seen before.  We are excited!  By the way, check out our new GF video:   http://vimeo.com/6275541.  We would love to receive goetta related videos for our new site!  Simply use the Contact Form on this site.

Mark Balasa

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