How to Cook the Perfect Goetta Patty

One thing is for certain among Goetta enthusiasts and that is, most have trouble producing a perfect finished patty at the end of the cooking session. This has always baffled me. But guess what? I am an insider. I actually work here and have personally cooked over 20,000 Goetta patties, mostly because I operate the grill at our charity free sampling events but also because my family and I are fanatics! The point is, I know how to cook it perfectly every single time. If you do not follow these really simple steps, the patties tend to fall apart. The Goetta of course tastes perfectly fine crumbled, but some aspire to produce perfect Goetta patties and there is a trick to it.

Now for the answer!

Here is how to cook the perfect Goetta patty:

Pre-heat a griddle or non-stick skillet to medium-high – do not add oil. Meanwhile, slice the Goetta from the roll and make sure they are not too thin. Once your griddle or skillet is up to temperature, add the Goetta, but do not let the patties touch. Only turn when you are sure the patties are golden brown.

Look for other Goetta trivia in future posts. How about sharing some of your Goetta tips, techniques, Goetta memories, and how Glier’s Goetta is part of your family.

Yours in Goetta,

Mark Balasa

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  1. Hi Mark! I love Glier’s goetta. My family and I eat it regularly for breakfast and we also get it when we dine out at Colonial Cottage. They give you a whole slab and when you order it well done, they use a press which makes it extra crispy. I love your new and innovative website. Great job!

  2. My Grandma always fried up a pound, ground up, and put it in her spaghetti sauce. Nothing tops that. I still do it to this day and WOW! Now only if we could talk LaRosa’s into putting it into their spaghetti sauce they might be worth eating…

  3. My Mom cooked oatmeal sausage when we were kids. I love it on buttered bread. I cook Goeta and I love that.I live in Naples Florida now. Where can I find a recipe for Oat meal sausage?

    Thanks Much

  4. Thank goodness that you have this info on your site. I’ve always ended up with with my goetta in a big pile in the pan! I made some this weekend and it happened again! I love the stuff and can’t wait to try out your suggestion!


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