Welcome to Our New Website

About a year ago, I committed to a massive marketing undertaking. Our previous website was dated and so much had changed since we launched it about five years ago. We have grown considerably and so has our customer base. An updated website reflecting our growth and the changing times was in order.

Deciding to create an entirely new site is a huge endeavor. It means that every aspect of your marketing and communication must be examined and reexamined. A big question haunted me every step of the way, “Is this new site going to be relevant to the thousands of goettafans? I have so much to say and share, yet how can I make this simple yet dynamic? Fun,yet interesting? Oh yes, and who will possibly help me pull this off? Perhaps most importantly, how can I build a site that causes the visitor to be fully engaged and want to have a dialog? After all some of our best ideas came from our customers.

The website needed to be like a favorite recipe book

The big “aha” moment came when I was looking at a favorite recipe book. The book was rich in photographs and that made me want to put on my chef apron and jump into the kitchen and begin creating. The words in the book spoke of food in such a way that I did not even need the pictures. I could see clearly in my mind the creations described in such delicious detail. I knew I needed a photographer who could showcase our Goetta and a powerful wordsmith who could speak the soulful language of food. I found Kristie and Sarah, www.dolcevitaphoto@aol.com, two new to the scene photographers eager to make the shots. I then noticed some very good writing by Kelly at www.cookingwithcaitlin.com. All three joined the project, driven by the aspiration to have the site be more like a favorite cookbook with a backdrop of a company that is truly a part of the self-made, American Dream.

Along the way my sister Jane Schulte at, www.stop-struggling.com, recommended an incredible web design firm by the name of Imaginative Advertising, www.ia.com.mk. Dejan Kacakov and his team are responsible for bringing all of the elements together through design and function. Dejan is a rare find indeed. He actually understands marketing and incredible design. I enjoyed working with him every step of the way. He never once glazed over my eyes with the technical aspects. Instead, he just suggested, showed, and adjusted!

This project and process forced me to simplify and address the most important things our customers and potential customers would want to know. This means we do not waste the visitor’s time by telling them how great we are. Instead, everything on the site is there to answer questions, make people very hungry, and invite them to our world of Goetta! Please share your thoughts, impressions, ideas.

Mark Balasa

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