January 26, 2011

New Years Resolution

“2011! This is my year! I’m going to quit smoking, make more money or lose some weight!”
Many of us say something along these lines every year while making our New Years resolutions. I know I have and it hasn’t taken long for me to already start slacking on my commitments to better myself this year. It’s not that I don’t want to change but sometimes it’s just too difficult to get to the gym or to eat right all the time.
Who am I kidding? Sometimes I just want to be lazy and eat some great tasting food, regardless of the calories!
That’s why I am so thankful for Glier’s Turkey Goetta. I can have my egg white omelet, stuffed with hot, crispy Glier’s Goetta and sprinkled with feta cheese to start every morning with a delicious, nutritious low fat breakfast.
Each 2 oz serving of Glier’s Low Fat Turkey Goetta contains only 80 calories with just 25 of them coming from fat. So, I can enjoy every delectable bite with out having to worry about doing extra cardio to make up for it!

(Serving Size: 2 oz.)

Calories: 80
Calories from fat: 25
Total Fat: 2.5g
Saturated Fat: 1.0g
Cholesterol: 25.0mg
Sodium: 250.0mg
Total Carbohydrate: 8.0g
Dietary Fiber: 2.0g
Sugars: 0.0g
Protein: 6.0g

November 19, 2009

By Giving We Receive Part 2

In my last post I wrote about the responsibility of corporate giving.  I showed that even for a small company, giving on a regular basis is not only the right thing to do, but can be simplified and managed. 

In Part 2,  I want to show yet another way for small business giving.  It is called sampling.  For many companies sampling takes place at grocery stores.  This can be very effective for marketing but does nothing for charity and giving. 

Glier’s Goetta discovered many years ago that charitable event sampling could be actually be fun, attract, educate, and support worthy causes.  Back in 2000 we were asked to support the local Cystic Fibrosis annual charity run event called Run Like Hell.  We came, we saw, we sampled and have returned every year since.  During the event, we cannot begin to keep up with the demand and hungry faces staring back at us as we cook and serve at lightning speeds.  At the end of the event and thousands of Goetta Sliders later we are tired, very tired , yet pleased.  We gave generously, made new friends, reunited with familiar faces and made a big difference for the charitable event.   Glier’s now attends about 12 major charity run events and 15,000 free Goetta Sliders are sampled each year personally by Glier’s throughout the community.

I urge small businesses to reconsider how they connect with the community.  Opportunity is everywhere.  So is the need.  Do your best to match up.  Event visitors, please give generously to the cause and event you are attending.  Kindly remember the efforts put forth by the vendors sampling generously too.

Mark Balasa


October 21, 2009

By Giving We Receive Part 1

Many years ago and soon after joining Glier’s Goetta, I took on the task of corporate gift giving.  This seems simple enough yet is was daunting at the time.  We are a small company.  Our smallness did not exclude us from the responsibility of giving back to the community that supports us.  The challenge was, how do you decide who to help and who to turn away simply based our tight financial resources and the magnatude of requests.

Soon into this project, I had an idea.  What if I could give something to just about everyone and try not to turn anyone away?  How can I give intelligently and responsibly?  I soon developed two ways to give, keep in mind we could not give financially.

The first way was to create the now legendary Glier’s Goetta Survival Kit door prize.  The kit consists of a Goetta t-shirt, 114 page Goetta Recipe Book, and a Goettafest Mug.  The kit does not contain our very popular goetta due to refrigeration concerns yet contains great mementos that serve to attract and remind about our products.  People just love to win the kit!

The second way to give was to donate our famous goetta.  This was a great option for those who were cooking to fundraise and or feeding the needy.

By offering the two choices, a Goetta Survival Kit door prize and goetta we have been able to participate in just about every request.  There is more.  By not turning any charitable request away we in return were able to help and yet receive.  How this happened is simple.  Suddenly our visibility heightened greatly as our products and kits were used at charitable functions that attract sizable audiences.  So by giving generously and spreading the gifts to so many organizations we receive some wonderful marketing attention.  Is our giving just based on marketing?  Of course not.  But it helps when both sides walk away knowing they are giving back, receiving back and doing good.

Mark Balasa

September 2, 2009

100,000 Goettafans Celebrate Glier’s Goettafest 2009

It has never been more important for brands to find unique and genuine ways to engage the faithful and attract the new than right now.  The annual Glier’s Goettafest is our way of meeting and greeting Goettafans from near and afar.  In fact, our president, Dan Glier and son David can be found among the crowds welcoming all who come during the weekend.

We started Goettafest in 2001 with a simple question.  What would happen if we set up our own festival dedicated to a single food…goetta?  Would anyone come?   Goettafest 2001 began as a humble, single day festival attracting about 5000 visitors.  This was all that was needed to encourage us to keep going and growing the event.

The mission and tag line for Goettafest has always been ”Total Celebration of All Things Goetta”  This mantra focused and set Glier’s Goettafest apart from other festivals.  Every aspect of what we do and offer at the event is related in some way to goetta.  For example, over 30 uniquely different goetta dishes are offered by the hand selected food vendors.  Papa Johns prepares the one and only Goetta Calzone which  is a top seller.  On the other hand we push the limits by offering fun items such as Goetta Sushi and Busken Bakery’s Goetta Fudge Brownie.

In addition to many goetta items, Goettafest involves the community.  The nuns from St. Walburg Monastary operate the Goetta Toss Game and the fish pond.  All monies collected for these games support the local Covington homeless shelter, Welcome House.  Goettafest donates space, prizes and money to Welcome House as our official GF Charity.  Just about every aspect of Goettafest is local including the bands, food vendors, charities, and of course Glier’s.

Constant and never ending improvement is our commitment for every Goettafest.  We take this so serious that we begin planning the next event just as soon as the current one ends.  It is not uncommon for us to have over 100 future improvements the very first week following Goettafest.  With improvement so dear to our hearts, we are always open to receiving ideas and suggestions.  Very grateful too! 

Speaking of improvement!  Look for the all new www.goettafest.com which is scheduled to launch in early spring 2010 and celebrates our tenth Goettafest anniversary.  This new site will showcase Goettafest in a way never seen before.  We are excited!  By the way, check out our new GF video:   http://vimeo.com/6275541.  We would love to receive goetta related videos for our new site!  Simply use the Contact Form on this site.

Mark Balasa

July 26, 2009

Welcome to Our New Website

About a year ago, I committed to a massive marketing undertaking. Our previous website was dated and so much had changed since we launched it about five years ago. We have grown considerably and so has our customer base. An updated website reflecting our growth and the changing times was in order.

Deciding to create an entirely new site is a huge endeavor. It means that every aspect of your marketing and communication must be examined and reexamined. A big question haunted me every step of the way, “Is this new site going to be relevant to the thousands of goettafans? I have so much to say and share, yet how can I make this simple yet dynamic? Fun,yet interesting? Oh yes, and who will possibly help me pull this off? Perhaps most importantly, how can I build a site that causes the visitor to be fully engaged and want to have a dialog? After all some of our best ideas came from our customers.

The website needed to be like a favorite recipe book

The big “aha” moment came when I was looking at a favorite recipe book. The book was rich in photographs and that made me want to put on my chef apron and jump into the kitchen and begin creating. The words in the book spoke of food in such a way that I did not even need the pictures. I could see clearly in my mind the creations described in such delicious detail. I knew I needed a photographer who could showcase our Goetta and a powerful wordsmith who could speak the soulful language of food. I found Kristie and Sarah, www.dolcevitaphoto@aol.com, two new to the scene photographers eager to make the shots. I then noticed some very good writing by Kelly at www.cookingwithcaitlin.com. All three joined the project, driven by the aspiration to have the site be more like a favorite cookbook with a backdrop of a company that is truly a part of the self-made, American Dream.

Along the way my sister Jane Schulte at, www.stop-struggling.com, recommended an incredible web design firm by the name of Imaginative Advertising, www.ia.com.mk. Dejan Kacakov and his team are responsible for bringing all of the elements together through design and function. Dejan is a rare find indeed. He actually understands marketing and incredible design. I enjoyed working with him every step of the way. He never once glazed over my eyes with the technical aspects. Instead, he just suggested, showed, and adjusted!

This project and process forced me to simplify and address the most important things our customers and potential customers would want to know. This means we do not waste the visitor’s time by telling them how great we are. Instead, everything on the site is there to answer questions, make people very hungry, and invite them to our world of Goetta! Please share your thoughts, impressions, ideas.

Mark Balasa

July 23, 2009

How to Cook the Perfect Goetta Patty

One thing is for certain among Goetta enthusiasts and that is, most have trouble producing a perfect finished patty at the end of the cooking session. This has always baffled me. But guess what? I am an insider. I actually work here and have personally cooked over 20,000 Goetta patties, mostly because I operate the grill at our charity free sampling events but also because my family and I are fanatics! The point is, I know how to cook it perfectly every single time. If you do not follow these really simple steps, the patties tend to fall apart. The Goetta of course tastes perfectly fine crumbled, but some aspire to produce perfect Goetta patties and there is a trick to it.

Now for the answer!

Here is how to cook the perfect Goetta patty:

Pre-heat a griddle or non-stick skillet to medium-high – do not add oil. Meanwhile, slice the Goetta from the roll and make sure they are not too thin. Once your griddle or skillet is up to temperature, add the Goetta, but do not let the patties touch. Only turn when you are sure the patties are golden brown.

Look for other Goetta trivia in future posts. How about sharing some of your Goetta tips, techniques, Goetta memories, and how Glier’s Goetta is part of your family.

Yours in Goetta,

Mark Balasa

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